The Necromancer’s Apprentice

Necromancers Apprentice.jpgHow can anyone resist a book that is described as “Magic, murder and mummies!”? It’s the line that made me want to dive straight into Icy Sedgwick’s The Necromancer’s Apprentice – the first book in her Underground City series.

The apprentice of the title is Jyximus Faire, a student at the prestigious magic academy in the City Above. He doesn’t fit in because he lives in the poor Underground City, and also because he’s far ahead of the other students: Jyx is always impatient to learn and use magic, which lands him in trouble.

He gets even more trouble when he’s recruited as the Necromancer General’s apprentice. The Necromancer, Eufame Delsenza, is a delicious character who has entombed the skeleton of a previous assistant in the floor of her vault, a reminder that Jyx should do as he’s told.

The problem is that Jyx is told to sweep the floors. He’s desperate to do more and learn more, even though Eufame has forbidden him from doing so.

The vault is full of mummies that the Necromancer needs to raise from the dead. Jyx is certain that he can do it himself, but can he do it properly?

The Necromancer’s Apprentice is a fun action-packed read with great characters. The only problem? It’s too short!

Susie Dinneen Review The Necromancer's Apprentice

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