Before I became a writer, I was a reader, and before that I was a dreamer. Now I’m all of those things. I catch stories that flit and float through the air, which is what I’m really doing when it looks like I’m daydreaming (although sometimes I’m just daydreaming).

My first published book is Nombulelo and the Moth, a picture book for 4 to 8 year olds. It’s about love and being brave, even when there are leopards in the forest. 

I’m currently working on the Stolen Treasures series of adventures for 9 to twelve year olds. The prequel short story, The Pickpocket and the Thief, is available now for free

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my husband, who’s a musician, and our cat, who pushes books off tables. One day I’ll have a library with a very comfy chair in it. 

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