The Black Star

Stolen treasure. Coded messages. Fake gems. She has to solve the crime before she loses her home.

For the first time in her twelve years, Cairo has found a loving home with Astrid, but when the Black Star Trove, a priceless collection of treasure, is stolen before an exhibition at Astrid’s university, their lives are turned upside down.

Desperate to help her new guardian, Cairo sets out to discover who is behind the crime. As the investigation draws her closer to the truth, she realises that dangerous people are keeping secrets about the stolen jewels.

Will she be able to reveal the truth before she loses the only family she has?

The Black Star is the second book in the Stolen Treasures adventure series for readers aged nine to twelve. If you like Nancy Drew, The Mysterious Benedict Society and Lemony Snicket, you’ll love this fast-paced mystery by Susie Dinneen.

Start reading today and unlock the mystery with Cairo.
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About the Book

A nail-biting adventure!

Book 2 doesn’t disappoint!

Our young crime-solvers from The Trunk of Stars (Stolen Treasures Book 1) are back! Cairo, living happily with Astrid, and Felix, back for the summer from boarding school, find themselves intrigued by a jewelry theft.

cjcalifornia, Amazon reviewer

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Series: Stolen Treasures, Book 2
Format: Paperback & ebook
Length: 175
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