The Star Spear

She hates being a thief, but if she wants to be free, she must do one final job: steal Viking treasure. Can she do it?   

Once again, Cairo is in the clutches of Gran, the cruel woman who taught her to pickpocket when she was a young girl and forced her into a life of crime. Living with Gran is miserable and Cairo is losing hope that she will be reunited with Astrid, the woman who wants to give her a home. 

Desperate to escape, Cairo is shocked when Gran offers her a way out. Cairo can return to Astrid, but only if she steals the Star Spear, a priceless Viking treasure. To succeed, she has to befriend a girl–and then betray her. Cairo doesn’t know if she can, especially once she gets to know her and wants to be her friend. 

When Cairo realises Gran is keeping secrets about the Star Spear, she becomes determined to discover why it’s so important to her. There’s not much time as other dangerous people also want the treasure. 

With the clock counting down, Cairo has to make an impossible choice. If she obeys Gran she’ll have to double-cross her new friend, but if she does what’s right, she’ll be trapped with Gran and never go home to Astrid. 

The Star Spear is the third book in the action-packed Stolen Treasures series and can be read as a standalone. It’s perfect for fans of Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Enjoy this tale of friendship, intrigue and bravery. 

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What a fantastic book for middle school and even older readers! This is the third book in the series and the characters continue to grow and warm my heart. Complete unpredictability mixed with happily ever after is how this tale is spinning out. I look forward to reading the next in the series!

Mickey, Amazon reviewer

Great book and series

What a great story of mystery and adventure! I really enjoyed reading this book and the other two books in the Stolen Treasures series, and I look forward to reading them again, along with any other books written by this author!

Monique S. (The Ginger Librarian)

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Series: Stolen Treasures, Book 3
Format: Paperback & ebook
Length: 230
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