Of Magic and Memory

Of Magic and Memory

This is an enchanted and enchanting story about Ava, who is trying to make sense of the world after her mother, Ginger, dies. When she discovers that Ginger was caring for Russet, a winged boy, and his twin sister, Ebony, in the forest, she is no longer certain of anything. She becomes close to the twins to learn more about her mother, and in the process begins to care for them deeply.

During this time of grief, a new danger enters VanVere, the forest town where the story is set, threatening Ava, Russet and Ebony. It’s up to Ava to figure out how her own magic works to protect them.

Cristy Zinn is a talented, skilful writer. The imagery is poignant and fresh, the writing lyrical and lush. I loved the world she created. The one thing I wanted more of was the baddies: what they got up to together and perhaps even more wickedness. This is a beautiful fantasy – read it and be enchanted.

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Susie Dinneen Middle Grade books - Skellig.jpg

Susie Dinneen Middle Grade books - Skellig.jpgWhen Michael first finds Skellig lying in the about-to-fall-down garage at the bottom of his garden, the frail creature is wearing a black suit and is covered in spiderwebs and dead bluebottles and beetles, with only Arthur Itis to keep him company.

Michael brings Skellig Chinese takeaways and brown ale (“sweetest of nectars” Skellig calls them) even though has no idea who, or even what Skellig is. But he’s sure that something very unusual is tucked under Skellig’s dusty jacket.

This is a magical story about learning how to dance and fly, even when life is cruel. It’s about the power of the imagination and dreams. And it’s about friendship and love.

Have you read Skellig? What did you think of it?

Skellig is David Almond’s first book, and the winner of the 1998 Carnegie Medal.